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What is Race, Class, and Parenting?

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Mimi Nartey, RCAP targets women from affluent communities near us to discuss challenges and opportunities mothers face related to social identities. Our panelists have included authors, TED speakers, activists, Hollywood actresses,UN advisors, and Emmy-award winning producers. You can read more about this symposium and see about past events and panelists at: In addition to the social media following, RCAP has an invitation-only roster of elite and diverse women from Manhattan Beach, Playa Vista, Palos Verdes, Beverly Hills, and similar communities who meet quarterly to hear a panel presentation and then participate in a focus group discussion. The agenda is to help women “parent to their intentions” by educating women on important social constructs related to race and class, and then collaboratively setting goals and developing strategies towards the broad goal of sustainable equity in affluent contexts.

Are RCAP Members Your Customer Base?

RCAP is comprised of a powerful group of women who are mothers, professionals, and influencers across Southern California. According to our demographic data, more than 90% of our RCAP members represent the top 10% of households, and more than 95% members have a bachelor's degree or higher. According to marketing data, this demographic (1) has the bulk of the purchasing power and (2) is a powerful mouthpiece for goods and services they support, making them the ideal focus group for your luxury products and services. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases (Greenfield Online, 2017), and according to Forbes (2013), the annual US mom buying power is estimated to be $2.1 trillion. Moms have approximately 3 social media accounts, 1/3 are bloggers, more than 60% share content daily, and they are very likely to review products they endorse (, 2017). Affluent women juggle demands of career and family, are concerned about the environment and sustainability, and are discriminating shoppers (The Affluent Market in the US, 2007). RCAP is deliberately comprised of women with the leadership capacity to amplify messaging, so this is an excellent setting for product placement. Our members have significant purchasing power and discretionary budget, as well as the capacity to promote your company through powerful social channels.

Your Sponsorship Matters

With your sponsorship, you are supporting "Empowering Conversations for Women." You are also helping to share and promote ideas, products, and services that make our society better. There are two tiers of sponsorship:

Title Sponsor ($500))

As a Title Sponsor, your brand is a named sponsor for the upcoming event. You are described as a Title Sponsor in our marketing materials for the event; you receive full activation at the event; an ad will be included in the newsletter that is distributed to our broader database; and your brand will get follow up mentions after the event.

Corporate Sponsor ($250)

As a corporate sponsor, you are welcome to place products in event gift bags. You will also be mentioned at the event and on social media.

Be A Part Of Our Next Event

The upcoming event, "Mompreneurship," is Sunday, January 7, 2018 from 2 to 5 PM at The Resort in Playa Vista, CA. We anticipate 30-40 attendees. If this is something you are able support, please confirm your sponsorship at your earliest convenience. Please detail the amount of product you can provide, and please detail if you will be able to deliver/set up in-person or if we need to make other arrangements. On behalf of Race, Class, and Parenting, thank you for your consideration.

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